What to consider when choosing where to live in Cyprus

Cyprus has been gaining increasing popularity among entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and retirees —  and it’s not without reason.

The Mediterranean cuisine, the white sandy beaches, and the island’s rich heritage make Cyprus the ideal place to live and work.

The great thing about Cyprus is that it caters to different lifestyles, whether you want to go after the career of your dreams, live life to the fullest, or slow down the pace.

Life on the coast

If you love the idea of living on the seafront, then Limassol is the place to be.  Located on the southern coast of Cyprus, Limassol offers unmatched sea views, rich culture, and plenty of shopping options.

Moreover, Limassol is home to the Limassol Marina and the City of Dreams  — the first integrated casino resort in the EU. You will also see many iconic, high-rise buildings, which add a modern and prestigious vibe to the city’s atmosphere.

Living the city life

A walk around Nicosia — the capital of Cyprus — reveals the rich history of the island. Nicosia is known to be the business hub of Cyprus, with plenty of business opportunities for aspiring professionals.

With that in mind, if you’re looking to live the ‘city life’ while going after your dream career, then Nicosia is the ideal city to live in. That’s not to say though that you will miss out on nightlife and entertainment!  

The laid-back lifestyle

If the laid-back lifestyle sounds ideal for you, then Paphos is a great option to consider.

Voted as the best place for expats, Paphos hits the perfect balance between culture and modernity, and it’s not hard to see why. In Paphos, you’ll find Mediaeval castles, golf courses, shopping centres, and one of the most beautiful harbours.

Live in an up-and-coming city

 Located on the southeast coast of Cyprus, Larnaca provides its residents with all amenities, including schools, universities, and shopping centres. Plus, it’s home to the largest international airport in Cyprus  — Larnaca airport.  

Larnaca has been gaining popularity over the past few years, with more residential and commercial developments under way, including the recently built Larnaca Marina and Metropolis Mall.  

Enjoy some time off

If you want to enjoy some time off relaxing on sandy white beaches, enjoying breathtaking views, and trying out water sports, Famagusta is the right city to live in.

Although Famagusta is a favourite tourist attraction, it nevertheless offers luxurious beachfront living, especially if you choose to live in non-tourist areas.

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