hestia elpez

New Project Release: El Pez

El Pez is stunningly designed, with sleek contemporary architecture that complements interior design to offer the epitome of modern coastal living. Located in the heart of the Pafos prime coastal area where the sea greets you every morning, and pristine sand welcomes you home. Awaken your senses with every breath, as you redefine your premium lifestyle, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Designed by the leading architects in Cyprus, each home embraces a modern design philosophy where form follows function, and the central function here is the connection to the east Mediterranean Sea. The orientation, layout, and façade design for each home aspires to encourage the owners to enjoy the coast and the sea. The materials selection focuses on the same objective. Covered verandas protect the interior from overheating. Additional louvered screens further protect the interior, and can be moved along to where they are needed or out of the way when you want to enjoy the view.