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The Future of Urban Development in Cyprus

The urban landscape of Cyprus is evolving rapidly. In recent years, there has been a growing focus on sustainable development, with a focus on concepts like vertical cities and the revitalization of urban areas. Vertical Cities Vertical cities are high-rise developments that offer a more sustainable way of living. They are designed to maximize the


Cyprus: The Place to Be for Real Estate Investors

Cyprus is known for its crystal-clear waters, rich history and culture, and picturesque streets. But apart from its natural beauty, Cyprus has a lot more to offer. The country is becoming one of the most popular investment destinations, attracting foreign entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. Keep reading below to find out more.

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Cyprus Permanent Residence via Investment

Cyprus has become a popular destination for travellers and investors alike, with more and more people looking to obtain permanent residency on the island. One of the many ways foreign individuals can reside on the island is through the Cyprus Permanent Residence program which allows applicants to acquire an Immigration Permit through property investment. Keep


Top Locations to Buy Real Estate in Cyprus

It only takes one visit to fall in love with Cyprus — crystal clear waters, golden coasts, and green mountains are only a few of its treasures. But apart from its natural wonders, Cyprus’ tax incentives and resilient economy make the island an attractive destination for real estate investors across the world. If you’re thinking

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Cyprus: Why call it home

Cyprus has become an attractive destination for people from around the world, welcoming around 4 million visitors every year.But apart from an ideal holiday destination, more and more people are choosing to call Cyprus their new forever home — and for a good reason.The idyllic location, the warm climate, and the island’s rich heritage make Cyprus the ideal